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Nikki Fanning | Ceramic Art | Mixed media


Nikki is a ceramic artist from Kansas City known for slip casting, special effect glazing and trippy social media content. In addition to creating, Nikki is an associate at Crane Yard Clay and gallery assistant at Belger Arts CenterShe attended Stephens College; an all women's institution in Columbia, MO where she studied fashion design and later went on to work for CHANEL.

Nikki finds inspiration in making connections with people, learning, receiving critiques from peers, brainstorming with friends, listening to music and everyday life. Her artistic goal is to create an exciting and unique world of her own that she can share with everyone.  

Nikki's focus is slip casting with mason stains in combination with her own special effect glazes and various commercial glazes. She typically fires electric to cone 6 and on occasion will raku fire out of her backyard.

Lively textures and bright colors are evident in her work and she continues to grow by adding new techniques and mediums. Her trippy social media content brings her work to life

its all about the process

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